Our Club History
Roche Angling Club was formed in February 1964 by Derrick Runnalls, Barry Hawken, Richard Schofield and Donald Hooper as a sea fishing club. Shortly after, the fishing rights to Bilberry Pool were acquired. Bilberry held small roach and brown trout. In 1968 carp and tench were stocked, this is believed to be the first ever stocking of coarse fish in Cornwall. Below is a picture of the original stock fish.

As the popularity of freshwater fishing grew, in 1968 the club obtained the rights to Wheal Rashleigh and Walden Pond. Both lakes held a large stock of perch and roach with a few larger brown trout. At the time, Cornwall River Authority donated rainbow trout, Carp and Tench for stocking. Over the years Electricity Pool was leased along with the purchase of Large and Small Treskilling and these became the six waters now operated by the club. The picture below was taken in 1981 at a sponsored 48-hour fishing marathon held at the Central Tavern in Newquay. Check out the bivvies and rod pods!

In 2006 the club had the opportunity to purchase Wheal Rashleigh and Waldon Pond as well as the surrounding woodland from Imerys. The EA made available a generous grant which helped secure the waters. Since the purchase of Wheal Rashleigh & Waldon Pond the Club has been moving forward. November 2007 saw the start of the Wheal Rashleigh Waldon Pond Regeneration.The regeneration has been both funded again by the EA and Restormel Borough Council. The committee members are responsible for the management of the lakes and over the years have made vast improvements, with the help of club volunteers backed by EA funding. The club members are proud of what they have built, especially as a non profit club. Plenty of hard work and dedication has gone into to making the lakes into the beautiful settings they are today. As the lakes are mostly former ‘China Clay Mining Pits’ the club has worked tirelessly to regenerate the surroundings. Now, these sites have become something to be wondered at. They have become a thing of beauty are we guarantee you won’t go back to commercial fisheries after a visit.